Friday, October 30, 2015

Alberta NDP Takes Another Radical Step Towards Road to Ruin

If Canadians are wondering what to expect from their disastrous decision to elect a Liberal government (well, 39% of Canadians anyways), they have only to look to Alberta, which took another step towards communist "utopia" this week with another disastrous move that the true party of the people, Wildrose, is valiantly trying to block.

You'll recall that just a couple weeks ago the NDP began doing something unprecedented in Canadian history. Sure, everybody knows that the NDP platform is chock-a-block full of hardcore ideological stupidities, but everybody thought they knew that the NDP would "go mainstream" after they were elected. Turns out the Alberta NDP actually meant every word they said and are now fulfilling campaign promises.  Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt tried to call people's attention to this, and in exchange, far-left blogger icon David Climenhaga began unfairly beating him like a pinata.

Well now the NDP has gone one step further: they want to begin meeting all day at the legislature, starting at 9 a.m.

This is ridiculous. It's just another part of the Notley far left agenda. Notley = not free, as people in Alberta will soon find out. The only possible reason for this, as Wildrose is pointing out, is so that the NDP can jam through even more of their dangerous far-left legislation.

It is grotesque, communist, and criminal to think of starting work at 9 a.m. in the morning. Most of us hard-working people trying to eke out a living OUTSIDE government haven't even got down to the welfare office that early in the morning.

But hope is not lost. Wildrose is organizing a filibuster to try and shut down the legislature to prevent this dangerous move and I hope all people on Twitter and the blogosphere will unite behind them against this dangerous move. Donate to Wildrose while you're at it. If Alberta's far-left NDP start a precedent of the legislature meeting so early in the morning, how will the ordinary Albertan ever be able to keep up with politics?

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